AGRIFLOR - ΑΝΟΔΟΣ Α.Ε. - Γεωργική Εμπορική Εταιρία // Ιεράπετρα, Κρήτη -


Out of season production for photoperiodic plants (chrysanthemum, gypsophila, poinsettia, kalanchoe, etc) is only made possible by the use of photoperiodic lighting.

Regulating the photoperiod is a definitive factor in the successful cultivation of these plants.

We have many years of experience in photoperiodic species, both floricultural and flowering plants. We study and propose photoperiodic lighting systems according to the needs of each crop and to your own.

We supply our associates with the appropriate photoperiodic bulbs and with operating and control systems for photoperiodism so as to produce a successful crop.