AGRIFLOR - ΑΝΟΔΟΣ Α.Ε. - Γεωργική Εμπορική Εταιρία // Ιεράπετρα, Κρήτη -

Company Profile

ANODOS SA is the leading company in implementing greenhouse systems and cultivation techniques in greenhouse cultivation. ANODOS SA is the dynamic answer to the needs of any modern greenhouse.

We offer reliable greenhouse systems and equipment suggesting effective solutions for :

  • Irrigation and fertilization
  • Water treatment
  • Heating and cooling
  • Saving energy and shading
  • Hydroponic cultivations
  • Propagation material for floriculture
  • Specialized cultivating and post harvesting equipment
  • The nutrition of plants with chemical analyses
  • Our cooperation and dealership contracts with some of the biggest European companies of our sector
  • Our long experience combined with our scientific excellence and the specialization of our people
  • And the constant research taking place in our greenhouse units

form the ideal conditions and offers us the ability to choose -suggest- implement and support the reliable greenhouse systems for our clients for a prosperous cultivation.

We invite you to "grow with us" with our reliable CULTIVATION SOLUTIONS that we offer to you.