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Propagation material

The propagation and production of plants is a difficult process which at all stages of implementation requires a vast amount of know-how and a high level of safety to produce healthy propagating material. Particularly in floriculture, the use of controlled propagating material is an essential requirement for a successful crop.
All those with knowledge of propagation or with experience in cultivation can attribute many of the problems of disease-spreading and variability in varieties to the use of plants produced randomly without control.

We have been in the nursery business for 25 years. Throughout this time we have cooperated with and represented large, well-known firms – inventors of new varieties from all over the world and the plants we put on the market in Greece and Cyprus are the result of this cooperation.
This cooperation has given us the opportunity to provide our cultivator-client with named, disease-free propagating material.

Our plants are of excellent quality, phytosanitary controlled and above all they are brand varieties.
Apart from quality, our punctuality in delivery and the technical support we offer our customers constitute essential requirements for setting up a successful nursery.