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Priva Integro

Priva Integro

The Priva Integro is an innovative system for controlling greenhouse climate. It efficiently creates the appropriate climate conditions for your crop.

Using six periods every 24 hours the producer can choose the desired function by taking into account both internal and external environmental conditions.

Climate management

Climate control in a greenhouse is a difficult matter owing to the complexity of the factors involved, such as temperature, humidity, CO2 and the plants themselves. The Priva Integro is the optimal solution to climate control.

Temperature control is a result of efficiently managing available energy. The system calculates the temperature of the plant and adjusts humidity levels accordingly, thus reducing energy consumption and cost.

Energy management

The energy management system controls heat produced. The Priva Integro calculates the thermal requirements for each section, taking into consideration periods of high thermal demand due to conditions.

On the basis of the desired temperature and weather conditions, the system estimates future needs, allowing the producer to redefine his strategy or to save energy.

Cooling control

This accurately controls multiple cooling systems such as air vents, ventilation, fans, shade screens, fog systems, etc. The many options for controlling humidity ensure the ideal balance between temperature and relative humidity.

CO2 enrichment

In facilities with the capacity for CO2 enrichment, the Priva Integro ensures an ideal balance between the production of CO2 and temperature according to the desired maximum limit for energy consumption.

Fertigation management

Διαχείριση υδρολίπανσης

The Priva Integro provides innumerable solutions for fertilization. Apart from the main fertilizing function based both on external and internal conditions, it also offers more advanced functions. So fertilization can be carried out on the basis of the plant’s transpiration or the levels of humidity in the substrate.

Priva with more than 50 years of experience in the field of automation, guarantees it to be a reliable and efficient system. ANODOS with many years of experience in greenhouse equipment, promises proper training, installation and technical support.