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Protection from insects

Preventing insects from entering the greenhouse to the crop is the best way of controlling them. Some producers have reduced their use of pesticides by 90% by using the LS ECONET in combination with clean propagation material. Apart from the fact that the LS ECONET is a more effective method, it is at the same time more economical.

Some additional advice on keeping insects away from your crop:

  • The LS ECONET must have openings smaller than the size of the insects.
  • Each type of LS ECONET will drastically reduce the number of insects entering your greenhouse.
  • Use LS ECONET on air vents and doors.
  • Always keep doors closed.
  • Build an entrance porch on your greenhouse.
  • Create positive pressure in the entrance with fans only allowing the air to exit the greenhouse and not to enter.
  • The LS ECONET must be cleaned at regular intervals.


LS ECONET Reduction in air velocity, % Transmission of direct light, % Size of opening
B 5 90 1 X 4 13' 9"
L 25 84 0,6 X 0,6 10' 6"
M 30 90 0,4 X 0,45 10' 10"
SF MAX 25 97 0,3 X 0,75 10' 6"
T 40 85 0,15 X 0,35 11' 2"
S 45 91 0,14 X 0,14 11' 2"


Το δίχτυ LS ECONET

The LS ECONET net is guaranteed against erosion by UV radiation: 3 years for outdoor and 5 years for indoor use. In most climates its lifespan is 5 to 8 years.