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Coconut fibre

One of the most basic types of substrate used in both horticultural and floricultural hydroponic crops.

The difference in qualities has to do with the size of the fibre, the percentage of chips, etc. We supply and propose a different quality of coconut fibre according to the type of plant to be cultivated.

We represent in Greece the French company BIOGROW which produces coconut fibre products at its facilities in Sri Lanka, India and Brazil.

Coconut fibre products in detail:



This is the standard substrate, produced at specially built facilities. The materials it contains are ideally balanced so as retain water and can at the same time drain and be aerated satisfactorily. It is sifted to achieve better root ventilation.



This substrate allows for maximum draining, as it contains coarser material called chips that come from the coconut husk. This composition allows for better ventilation and draining, contributing to a more direct management of the substrate.

Μπάλες συμπιεσμένου κοκοφοίνικα

Compressed balls of coconut fibre

According to individual needs, coconut fibre can also be delivered compressed in balls with a compression ratio of 5 to 1 and with dimensions 30x30x15 cm. The percentage of chips in the substrate may be selected.