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Rockwool Grodan

The new substrate solutions introduced by Grodan are a great success with propagators, vegetable growers and floriculture growers alike. The applied Next Generation technology has resulted in products with impressive qualifications. The advantages vary from strongly improved uniformity, root development and resaturation capacity to a greatly increased control range.


Σημείο κορεσμού

The re-saturation of the substrate has improved, thus strongly increasing the steerability. This improvement relates both to the control range and to the speed with which the water content can be raised.



Thanks to the improved properties of the slab, the water content and the EC level are more uniform throughout the slab and when comparing between slabs. The improved re-saturation makes an important contribution in this respect. Ultimately, this leads to an improvement in the quality of the end product.

Root development

Διαμόρφωση ριζικού συστήματος

The development of healthy white roots is improved. The roots are also extremely well distributed over the slab, even in the uppermost layer. This ensures that the total root surface area is maximized, thus improving the absorption capacity.