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Priva Maximizer

The Priva Maximizer is a fully equipped system that provides precision in controlling the greenhouse climate.

It is affordable, easy to use and contributes to a reduction in the running costs of a greenhouse by controlling ventilation, heating, cooling, lighting and fertigation.


Priva has been creating and developing climate control systems for 50 years and this experience gained over so many years has been applied to the Maximizer.


The Maximizer is used in large greenhouses all over the world and it provides the highest degree of reliability. All sensors and materials used are of top quality and are guaranteed for many years.

Technical support

Despite the fact that the Maximizer is easy to use and set up, you may need the help of specialized technicians so as to exploit 100% of its capabilities. ANODOS’ experience and specialization in the field of greenhouse equipment guarantee professional technical support.

Use in complex units

The Mazimizer is designed in such a way as to allow the operation of many different climate zones. The standard equipment includes the control of one zone with the possibility of increasing the number of control zones to 4. Up to 9 Mazimizer units can operate on the same network, which increases the number of control zones to 36.

Connection with PC

Mazimizer software allows zones to be controlled with simple graphic images without the use of complex commands. Information is updated in real time and both measurements taken by the sensors as well as equipment usage are depicted graphically.

Priva Maximizer

Technical specifications

  • 48 outlets for controlling equipment such as fans, pumps, etc.
  • 8 of the 48 outlets are digital
  • 20 analog outlets for connecting sensors
  • Full software for climate control
  • Up to 3 alarms per zone for diagnosing problems