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It is a well-known fact that normal growth and productivity in roses is very difficult under conditions of intense solar radiation and high temperature. The consequences of such extreme conditions that interrupt the plant’s natural functions must be reduced.

More and more producers are putting their trust in Svensson thermal screens in order to improve the greenhouse climate throughout the duration of these conditions. As the thermal screens reflect part of the solar radiation, both the ambient temperature as well as the temperature of the plants is reduced.

The use of thermal screens during the day when solar radiation is intense produces a drastic reduction in greenhouse temperature of up to 5 degrees Centigrade, as can be seen from the graph below.

Svensson thermal screens are exclusively constructed of aluminium strips in combination with polyester or vacant strips. The aluminium strips reflect 100% of solar radiation so less radiation falls on the plant.

The advantages of the use of thermal screens for plants are:

  1. Better flower colour.
  2. Reduction in burning of leaf surface
  3. Longer stems
  4. Rapid growth of new shoots 


Which type of thermal screen meets your needs? 

Svensson thermal screens can be used both to save energy as well as for shade and cooling. According to what is more important for you, you can choose between a closed and an open type.

Svensson closed-type XLS FIREBREAK 

This type of thermal screen is made of polyester strips with alternating aluminium strips. The aluminium strips reflect solar radiation giving the screen its cooling properties.

During the night heat coming from a lower level is reflected. Thus there is an energy saving in the range of 50% in heated greenhouses.

Finally the XLS FIREBREAK is permeable by water vapour preventing high levels of relative humidity when it is open.


Transmission of direct light

Transmission of diffused light

Energy saving

XLS 13 FIREBREAK 70% 65% 49%
XLS 14 FIREBREAK 56% 53% 52%
XLS 15 FIREBREAK 46% 43% 57%
XLS 16 FIREBREAK 36% 34% 62%
XLS 17 FIREBREAK 25% 24% 67%
XLS 18 FIREBREAK 14% 14% 72%


The XLS 15 FIREBREAK, made of 50% polyester and 50% aluminium


It achieves an energy saving of 57% and permits a 46% transmission of light


Svensson open-type XLS F FIREBREAK

This type differs from the previous ones in that it is of a more open construction, with only a few polyester strips. This results in the easy transmission of air so maximum ventilation is achieved. The advantage of this type is that it produces the greatest possible degree of cooling but at the same time it is inferior as regards energy saving.

  Type   Light Direct   transmission Diffuse   Energy saving
XLS 13 F FIREBREAK 73% 70% 20%
XLS 14 F FIREBREAK 59% 56% 20%
XLS 15 F FIREBREAK 50% 47% 20%
XLS 16 F FIREBREAK 39% 37% 25%
XLS 17 F FIREBREAK 27% 27% 30%
XLS 18 F FIREBREAK 14% 14% 35%


The XLS 15 F FIREBREAK, made of 50% aluminium and 50% open strips


It achieves an energy saving of 20% and permits a 50% transmission of light.

Which type should I choose? 

It is difficult to give a general answer. The answer depends on specific local conditions, the microclimate in the area and the type of greenhouse.

Contact us for a study and a proposal concerning the type of thermal screen that will meet your needs. Our many years of experience and our know-how guarantee a comprehensive and targeted proposal that will fully meet your needs.