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Wet pad system

The operation of the wet pad cooling system is based on fans and a pad. The pad is made of papier-mâché impregnated with special resins, on one side of which is a special water distributor so there is an even flow of water. The exhaust fans are placed on the smallest side wall and on the opposite side the pads.


During the operation of the exhaust fans, a vacuum is created so as to draw the external air in through the wet pad situated on the opposite side. In this way the air humidifies, is cooled and passes through the interior of the greenhouse. Requirements for the system to operate efficiently are:

  • The greenhouse must be air-tight when the system is in operation and the roof vents closed.
  • The fans must have a large air supply without creating high air velocity in the space.
  • The pad must be suitably impregnated so as to be highly resistant while the weave of the paper must be angled so as to have a high rate of evaporation but a low fall in pressure.
  • The panel must be wet evenly and according to the quality of the water, there must be a system for replacing it with fresh water so the pad lasts longer.
  • There must be appropriate automation to control temperature and humidity.

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