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Every crop regardless of whether it is in a greenhouse or not needs some form of fertilizer which in combination with other factors gives the required result. Fertilization is one of the most important factors.


Excessive use of fertilizers, apart from harming the plants, is a pointless waste of money.

The Priva Nutrijet is a compact, reliable, computer-controlled fertilizing system that offers greater accuracy with minimum maintenance costs. These are its basic advantages over other similar systems.

It keeps a log of the exact amount of mixture passing through each electric valve, providing the producer with up-to-the-minute information so he can optimize his crop.


Nutrijet can be integrated in Priva’s main climate management system for even more accurate fertilizing.

The dual EC and pH sensors ensure the greatest possible accuracy in the mixture. In the event that a recycling system is used, Nutrijet automatically adjusts the amount of fertilizer.