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Priva Vialux water disinfection system

Priva Vialux

The Vialux is designed to provide the most effective and efficient water disinfection. It can be used to disinfect both irrigation water as well as drain water from the crops, thus allowing it to be safely used again.

The Vialux needs little energy and low maintenance and ensures that your irrigation system is free of all types of micro-organisms.

Priva Vialux

The advantages of Vialux

  • It does not increase water temperature
  • It does not change the composition or pH of the water
  • Completely automatic, safe and reliable
  • Water flow control
  • Simple design, one disinfecting chamber, one UV lamp and one UV-C measurement
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Ideal for disinfecting drain water
  • Ideal for the Ebb and flood systems
  • Ιδανικό και για συστήματα Ebb and flood