AGRIFLOR - ΑΝΟΔΟΣ Α.Ε. - Γεωργική Εμπορική Εταιρία // Ιεράπετρα, Κρήτη -


Accuracy and reliability

The basic principle is simple. The dissolved fertilizers are injected into the mixing tank where they are mixed with water and channeled into the irrigation line. Nutriflex can mix 5 solutions simultaneously. The dual EC and pH sensors guarantee maximum accuracy and reliability.


Flexibility and efficiency

Nutriflex can be used for drip irrigation, mist irrigation or ebb and flood systems. It can satisfy supply needs from 6 to 70 cubic metres per hour.


Choice between stand-alone and integrated system

Nutriflex is available in two basic versions. As a stand-alone system controlled by an integrated computer, or as an integrated system that is part of a Maximizer or Integro system and is controlled through them. This provides many more options for irrigation and fertilization.

An attractive investment for the future

Nutriflex is a particularly durable system, requiring the least possible maintenance. All the metallic parts are stainless steel and the number of moving parts in the structure has been kept to a minimum, dramatically increasing its durability.